No matter who you are, it's all about what you share.

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A new way to share and discover photos.

Wipe! is an innovative way to share anonymously your photos, discover new ones and find new friends.

Enjoy exploring random pictures.

Wipe slowly the screen
to unveil contents.

Privacy first

Share your picture
without worrying about your privacy.

Give your preference and find new friends

Give and receive anonymous feedbacks on pictures and start picture based conversations

Yeah / Bleah

Give your preference
on discovered pictures

Your shots

You'll see
your picture popularity.

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We need your help to make Wipe! app even better.

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Get the new features before anyone else, and provide feedback on them.


v1.0 first public release! Check it out

April 24, 2015

v0.7 picture based private conversations

March 20, 2015

v0.6 activities

February 18, 2015

v0.5 dynamic aggregation for notifications

February 5, 2015

v0.4 push notifications

January 13, 2015

v0.3 facebook connect

January 4, 2015

v0.2 safe mode (adult content filter - NSFW)

December 21, 2014

v0.1 first release

December 10, 2014